Wheel Repair

Whether it is a cosmetic or structural repair, the team at Allstar can professionally repair your wheels at the fraction of the cost of replacing your wheels, helping you keep more money in your pocket.  We are capable of repairing all types of wheel finishes including, painted/powder coated wheels, machined, chrome, polished, and two-toned wheels.

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Regardless if your wheels are fading, peeling, or if you hit a curb and damaged them, we can help you get your wheels back to like-new condition!
We use the most effective process when it comes to getting rid of your curb rash.  This care includes raising your vehicle off the ground to remove the wheels, releasing the air and breaking the front bead with the tire machine equipped in the repair vehicle, which helps ensure that any damages on the outermost part of the wheel are repaired without causing any damage to the tires during sanding process.  If the wheels have a painted or powder coated finish, we use quality automotive solvent paint and clear coat products to give you the best color match and durability possible.  


95% of the wheels brought to us with structural damage such as bends, cracks, or even broken off pieces, have left our shop welded and/or straightened back to balance able trueness.

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